Local Trip Generation Data Proves Best Again

The Institute of Transportation Engineers’ (ITE) Trip Generation Manual suggests that “the user may wish to modify trip generation rates presented in this document to reflect…special characteristics of the site or the surrounding area.” We translate this suggestion as a directive to obtain local data when possible. Regular readers will recognize these statements as we’ve been touting the benefits of local trip generation data for some time. Basically, local data:

-Accounts for our local circumstances

-Reflects current use of transit, bicycling, and walking

-Provides rates for exact match of proposed development

Taken together, the accuracy of our studies is improved through our use of local data.

One recent example found us exploring trip generation rates for a hotel. The current ITE Manual has five categories related to hotels:

-Hotel, #310
-All Suites Hotel, #311
-Business Hotel, #312
-Motel, #320
-Resort Hotel, #330

The most logical choice would have been ITE Code 310, a generic hotel, if using the manual. However, collecting information at Extended Stay Hotels revealed the following differences:


Time Period ITE Hotel, Code #310 Local Extended Stay Hotel
Daily 8.17 per room 3.65 per room
AM Peak Hour 0.53 per room 0.22 per room
PM Peak Hour 0.60 per room 0.29 per room


At less than half the ITE manual rates, this example again confirmed our strategy of using local, recent trip generation data as a better way to estimate traffic for new developments.

Want to see more? Our latest trip generation data includes 35 full days of traffic data collected at hotels as well as thousands of hours from other land uses. You can get the full data set at www.TripGeneration.org.

Have you collected traffic data for hotels? We would like to hear from you! We are looking at expanding our research for this land use and are looking for others interested in collecting data from their region. Email us if you are interested in working with us to collect data.

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