New Traffic Data Inc 2018 Price List

Each year we share our Traffic Data Inc.’s data collection price list and the 2018 price list has just been released. We have steadily grown from our headquarters in Minneapolis to servicing the five-state regional Midwest area (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota). The major highlight – our price for a 48-hour count has actually decreased due to internal efficiencies. That means more data for you to make informed decisions about the transportation system.

For areas outside our home 7-County Minneapolis Metro, we have included a mobilization fee for different cities. Using the price per count with the one-time mobilization fee provides the estimate for data collection around the Midwest. In this manner, bundling several counts or projects together becomes very cost effective as well.

We provide this price list to our clients and anyone interested in data collection. Rather than call us for a quote on every project, plug in these prices for your proposal. It saves everyone time and effort for most projects that have simple data collection needs. Save the contacts for the unique projects, those without a standard data collection scope or schedule, and we can customize a quote for you.

Our 2018 pricing list is free and provides a great reference for your next proposal and project.

The 2018 Spack Consulting price guide is also now available. Click the link to download your copy!