Partnering for Success: Technical Assistance When You Need It Most!

As we have documented in this newsletter, a lot of our projects are unique and allow us to stretch our creativity (in terms of traffic engineering of course). These projects are not always start-to-finish, but have a client using us for behind the scenes work as a sub. That work usually consists of pure technical analyses to

– relieve an extremely high project load

– provide a second opinion from an unbiased outsider

– cover more technical analyses that the prime is not yet familiar in how to handl

– assist with the learning process for junior traffic engineers

In some cases, this involves pure technical work to support their larger project. While we have received calls or emails out of the blue, more often this work comes from our network of readers, equipment users, COUNTcloud service users, and former co-workers in new positions at new firms.

Geography is not a barrier in these cases as the prime can be our eyes and ears on site for questions. The use of video also allows us to see operations first-hand if necessary.  We have worked with numerous clients in California, Florida, Montana, New Jersey, and North Carolina to name a few ‘not-Minnesota’ states.

Our most recent example comes from the state of Indiana. We assisted Chet Skwarcan of Traffic Engineering Inc. with a larger area study of an industrial site for the Town of Plainfield. Although capable of handling this work on his own, Chet decided to bring us in based on the circumstances of the project, our prior assistance to him and the City, and his current workload.

Working with both Chet and the Town, we helped develop the appropriate scope to achieve the desired goals – what should be the plan for the roadway system. Chet provided the background information and data collection about the various developments. We collaborated on the appropriate trip generation and trip distribution. Then Chet set us loose to complete the analysis of the study roadways and intersections, identifying the initial list of potential mitigation options.

We again collaborated with Chet on our initial findings. After finalizing the results, we helped complete the documentation of the project and final report. In this case, we identified short-term improvements for today along with potential long-term improvements for which to reserve right-of-way. In our view, our work with Chet continues to be a win-win situation for all:

– Temporary help when needed

– Not relying on a potential competitor

– Great teamwork and cooperation with other professionals

I leave Chet with the final words – “I learned a long time ago that ‘no one is as smart as all of us.’ Collaboration with Spack Consulting has been a great way to expand my team for project-specific challenges.”

Need some extra support on your next project? We can help! We would love to be your trusted partner on your next project. Whether you need an outside opinion, review of a project, or some temporary help to ease your workload, we can help. Email or call us. We would love to hear from you!