City of Eden Prairie Hy-Vee Development

Development Type: New Retail
Services Provided: Traffic Impact Study
Client:  City of Eden Prairie

The City of Eden Prairie, Minnesota ran into an building issue recently. A new site proposal consisted of a unique, mixed-use development that did not exactly fit any Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Manual codes. The site, proposed by Hy-Vee, consisted of a small grocery store, a restaurant specializing in convenience foods, a coffee shop, a convenience store, and a fuel station. The Hy-Vee brand is relatively new in the Twin Cities area and this mix of land uses, as it was argued, is a new concept. The City contracted with Spack Consulting to look beyond the standard ITE document for determining expected traffic and develop a local rate.

We approached this project by determining the individual parts of the proposed development and attempting to find similar land uses. We settled on three locations, including:

  • Hy-Vee grocery in Oakdale, Minnesota
  • Hy-Vee gas and convenience store/Starbucks in Oakdale, Minnesota
  • Aldi grocery store in Shakopee, Minnesota

The Hy-Vee grocery include a pharmacy, Market Grille restaurant, and drive-up lanes. This store was selected as an example of trip generation associated with the Hy-Vee name as well as determining the appeal to surrounding residents. This site also had some similar components, like the Market Grille.

The adjacent Hy-Vee gas station and convenience store with a Starbucks coffee matched closely with the proposed gas, convenience, and coffee land uses. In addition, traffic between the grocery store and this site were counted to help determine internal traffic.

The Aldi grocery store was representative of a smaller grocery in a suburban setting. This grocery does not include other amenities, representing grocery trips only.

After reviewing the collected data, the trip generation source for each element of the proposed project was selected and are shown in the table below.

Portion of Site

Trip Generation Source

Convenience Grocery Store Local Aldi Grocery Store
Market Grille Restaurant ITE Land Use 932
Starbucks Coffee Shop Local Hy-Vee Gas/Starbucks Site
Convenience Store Local Hy-Vee Gas/Starbucks Site
Gas pumps Local Hy-Vee Gas/Starbucks Site


Furthermore, the local data helped supplement the development of internal traffic between these proposed site land uses.

Although this proposed development did not ultimately move forward (due to a variety of reasons), the use of local data helped determine trip generation that was acceptable to both the City and the developer. This shows again how local data has moved beyond an interesting research task on the side to an integral and primary component of many of our studies.