Hans Hagen Lake Elmo Mixed Use Development

Development Type:  Residential & Commercial

Services Provided:  Traffic Impact Study and Summary for EAW

Client:  Hans Hagen Homes

Spack Consulting prepared a Traffic Impact Study Hans Hagen Homes’ mixed residential/commercial site in Lake Elmo north of Interstate 94.  The residential uses proposed were 272 single family homes, 12 townhome units, 176 rental townhome units, 120 senior housing units in one building and 150 apartment units in two other buildings.  The commercial uses proposed were a 6,000 square foot office, a 12,000 square foot pharmacy, a 2,000 square foot coffee/food shop, a 3,000 square foot gas station, a 5,000 square foot daycare, two 12,500 square foot retail buildings and a 20,000 square foot office showroom.  Multiple access configurations were analyzed to assist the developer’s overall design process.