City of Woodbury Traffic Impact Study

Development Type:  Residential

Services Provided:  Traffic Impact Study

Client:  City of Woodbury

City Place development in the City of Woodbury was looking to develop a last parcel of their property with luxury apartments. Located on Hudson Road, east of Radio Drive, the majority of traffic was anticipated to use the Radio Drive corridor, either for travel throughout the city or for access to Interstate 94. Radio Drive is the busiest traffic corridor in Woodbury, with a current Average Daily Traffic volume of over 36,000 vehicles per day in some locations. Previous traffic studies of City Place and other developments in the surrounding area had indicated the existing Radio Drive corridor was at its capacity during the peak periods. The City was concerned that this proposed development would lead to over-capacity conditions with excessive delays and stacking at Radio Drive intersections.

The City of Woodbury contracted with Spack Consulting to complete the Traffic Impact Study of the proposed apartments. Rather than just building upon previous work, we also completed a follow-up examination of the previous traffic studies. Through re-evaluating the basic assumptions previously used, it was discovered that:

  • The Cabela’s development, located on the West side of Radio Drive adjacent to City Place, is generating less traffic than originally estimated in the previous area Traffic Impact Studies
  • The general background traffic growth (traffic not attributable to a specific development in the study area) is also lower than expected from previous Traffic Impact Studies

With this new information, it was concluded the Radio Drive corridor had sufficient capacity to accommodate the additional expected traffic to/from the proposed City Place Apartments. In addition, we recommended the City of Woodbury work with Washington County to periodically update the coordinated signal timing plans on the Radio Drive corridor to maximize its available capacity and work with property owners/business owners to reduce the amount of traffic during peak periods.