Spack Academy

Mike Spack and Bryant Ficek literally wrote the book on how to do Traffic Impact Studies.  Their Traffic Study Manual details the methodology and process to complete a traffic impact study from start to finish.  Written in plain English, the manual also contains tips and short stories Mike and Bryant have gathered over their career of completing traffic studies.  The Traffic Study Manual was released in 2013, coinciding with the launch of Spack Academy.  The goal of Spack Academy, which includes the Traffic Study Manual, is to assist new professionals in the transportation industry and provide a refresher for seasoned engineers.  These materials are used at more than ten universities in their civil engineering programs, including Purdue University, and have been purchased by transportation professionals around the world.  Learn more at


Mike On Traffic

The industry leading blog of our founder, Mike Spack, Mike On Traffic is his forum to explore, discuss, and present information about our transportation industry.  His posts, with the occasional entry from Bryant Ficek, can range from analysis software features and tricks to data collection information to general industry-related tidbits.  Mike On Traffic is designed to provide useful and relevant information for your work.  Learn more at


Traffic Counting

Related to Spack Consulting are two other companies started by Mike Spack – Traffic Data Inc. and Traffic Data Inc. is Minnesota’s Data Collection Firm. Whether you need vehicle counts, vehicle speeds, vehicle classifications, or even pedestrian/bicycle information, TDI uses the latest hardware and software to get you the data within the timeframe you need and at the reasonable price you want.  Learn more at

CountingCars-Stacked-2C is your one-stop shop for counting equipment.  The same cutting edge equipment used by TDI is available for your data needs. We offer video, tube, and radar systems that will increase your efficiency and reduce costs.   We also offer rentals to try out the equipment before you buy it.  You can also see the equipment in action here and here.  Learn more at