School Traffic Study Service

We had a good 2017 at Spack Consulting in terms of the number of projects and new clients, both records for the company. As we move into 2018 with a great foundation (and a big ‘thank you’ to all our clients – existing, new, and perspective), an important service to highlight is our work on schools.

Through our City, school, and private partners, we provided our expertise for multiple public and charter schools. Creating a safe environment for students (and staff) of any age can be challenging. Traffic issues are usually focused around the school start and end times, where parents, student drivers/walkers/bikers, and buses all converge in short time frame. Long delays and queues during these peak times can frustrate and ultimately put everyone at risk.

Our goal for these studies is always to improve safety by improving traffic flow. Our simple approach is a five-step process:

1. Gather Existing Data
2. Understand the Root Issues
3. Develop and Test Potential Solutions
4. Separate Short- and Long-Term Answers
5. Coordinate with School/City Officials

Within the process is more nuance as we use our experience and intel, like our custom trip generation, to improve campus flow and circulation. Whether a new school in the Twin Cities, a school expansion in Brainerd, or concerns at an existing school anywhere, we help our clients find solutions to fit their unique needs.

Interested in learning more?

– Check out our article Analyzing School Traffic Circulation
– Download our FREE guide 5 Steps for Improving School Traffic Operations, then call us at 888-232-5512 or email us for more details.