We’re Hiring! Summer Traffic Engineer Intern

Are you or do you know someone who:

-Wants to be a transportation/traffic engineer?

-Enjoys solving hard problems?

-Enjoys making checklists and crossing things off your to-do list?

If yes, then you should apply, or have the person you know apply, for an internship with Spack Consulting.

What You Will Learn

Frequent readers know Spack Consulting is a transportation consulting firm that operates like a tech start-up and is part of the Spack Enterprise group of companies (including TrafficDataInc.com and CountingCars.com).  Through free Traffic Corner Tuesday webinars, our blog MikeOnTraffic.com, and SpackAcademy.com, we teach traffic engineers worldwide, and we’ll train our intern how to collect accurate traffic data, do traffic impact studies, and traffic signal timingThese are the nuts and bolts skills of traffic engineers that are desirable by any employer.

Our future intern will be accountable for installing portable traffic counting devices and ensuring the data you collect is accurate.  Check out these videos to see what that means – how to setup a traffic video recorder and how to setup a road tube counter.

Other projects include traffic modeling/analysis with Vistro and Synchro software programs, preparing spreadsheets, and drafting reports.  Prior traffic engineering experience is not a requirement as we’ll train you how to do everything.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

In addition to expecting our future intern to have great computer skills, they’ll need to be able to use a drill and hammer to install traffic counting devices per the videos, have a driver’s license to drive the company Chevy Volt, and be able to lift bins that weigh about 30 pounds.

Pay is $17/hour.  Our office is at 1 SE Main Street, #204, Minneapolis, MN 55414 (about a mile and a half from the U of MN campus).  Working hours are roughly 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  This is a summer internship, roughly mid-May to mid-August depending on your school schedule.

Apply Today!

To apply, please email your resume to hr@spackconsulting.com with “Summer Traffic Engineer Internship 2018” in the subject line.  In the body of the email, include what you had for breakfast and a description of how you made it.  (Yes, we really want to know what you had for breakfast and how you made it!)